A Boudoir Photoshoot celebrates sensuality. It expresses your love for yourself and the body that has carried you through your years. Boudoir isn’t about sexual poses and lingerie, it’s about helping boost your confidence. Boudoir is my niche and this is why I am the best boudoir photographer in Johannesburg.


Looking back at your Wedding photo’s can be a contentious or heartbreaking moment if they did not turn out as you expected but as the best wedding photographer in Johannesburg, I guarantee Tasteful and Timeless Wedding Photo’s, bringing your vision to reality, that will have your reminiscing with a smile, for years to come.


A Maternity Photoshoot is a wonderful reminder of a joyous time and I’m the best maternity photographer in Johannesburg so if you are looking for a stunning venue or backdrop and beautiful props to show off your personality, then look no further.


A baby is such a gift and what better way to remember their first few moments than with a Newborn Photoshoot, filled with the cutest prop’s in my clean and sterile studio. I’m the best newborn photographer in Johannesburg


A Portrait Photoshoot can either be:

Traditional (face and expression, so it tends to be either a headshot, two-thirds, or full-body. It’s the classical style of portraiture, and is generally meant to portray someone as they actually are – so no outlandish poses! Subjects in this approach to portrait photography tend to look directly at the camera, so strong eye contact is important to get the full impact.)

Environmental (the environment and the person both have importance. The photoshoot usually takes place in a specific location which has a special meaning to the person. It is a way to give the viewer clues to that person’s personality

Candid (unplanned, spontaneous, in the moment results. Capturing the essence of a client)

Glamour / Fashion (Emphasizing on giving you an alluring look, and is intended to heighten their appearance, highlighting features and use of wardrope changes.)

Formal portraits are an approach to portrait photography that is used in business and school. Corporate headshots and portraits like the one above are posed to give the subject an aura of professionalism)

All of these can be used for model portfolios or even for Social media and I’m the best portrait photographer in Johannesburg to do this for you.

Couples / Engagement

Finding the person who completes you is amazing but then wanting to spend the rest of your life with this person deserves the best engagement photographer in Johannesburg. Let me help you remember the intense love and intimacy your share at this moment.


Surreal / Conceptual / Editorial owes a lot to fine art. Surrealism is taking the everyday and adding another dimension, so that you see a different reality. It’s about the wardrobe, makeup, props, posing and editing. It’s about the idea that possibilities are endless, turning dreams into real photo’s. Often seen in high-end advertising or fashion editorial imagery, where it is not always clear what the message in the image is. It’s often ambiguous, and up to the viewer to decide. So if you are looking for eye catching images that represent your personality, you deserve the best photographer in Johannesburg.


Fitness Photography is all about showing your strength and healthy body. You have worked hard on your body and deserve show it off with the best fitness photographer in Johannesburg


Lifestyle shoots encompass Family shoot’s, Matric Farewell’s, Smash the cake, Group Events, in fact anything you want me to take a picture of. It’s about capturing people in an everyday environment, often doing ordinary things, “real life”. So call the best lifestyle photographer in Johannesburg for all your needs.


The studio is also available to be rented out to other photographers and terms and conditions apply




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