Eve and Shaun Wedding | Hedwig’s Aloe Ridge

Eve and Shaun got married at the beautiful Aloe Rigde in Muldersdrift and they were blessed with the best weather and sunset ever.  When I did their engagement shoot in November I then already knew these two have a special relationship and that I won’t struggle getting the most amazing photos of them.  As Eve said in her comment of that shoot “They [the photos] look completely natural and really capture the love that Shaun and I share. You were so much fun to shoot with and also recognised the type of people that we are, and managed to capture that” and once again I had the honour to capture it at their wedding.

Eve is just dropdead gorgeous as her photos will show you and although I missed Shaun’s longer hair at the wedding, he again didn’t hold back when it came to Eve and how much her loves her.  They are any photographer’s dream couple.

We had the opportunity to shoot with the rhinos and although it was funny when Eve got scared and pulled the most funniest face, I’ll never advise anybody to do that.  It was really scary when he started getting annoyed and in the end could have been fatal.  Just a big thanks to Eve and Shaun for still being so much sports and sitting till we got the photos Shaun’s mom wanted!

I had the amazing honour to have Deon Odendaal second shooting for me and we honestly had a great time!  I think the photos will speak of that!


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  1. Lauren Kim

    Looks like a great wedding! Those rhino photos are brilliant

  2. Odette

    Wow hierdie foto’s is stunning, veral die foto’s saam die renosters. Maar julle was baie brawer as wat ek sou wees. Coincidence dat die bruid dieselfde rok as ek aangehad het hahahaha, ons het goeie smaak ;O)

  3. Steve


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