Viki, Alex and Alyssa | Family shoot

Viki and her kids are one awesome family!  I met Viki while I was working in one of my previous teams and we immediately hit it off.  When she asked me to take photos of her and her cool kids (and I say cool for a very specific reason, but you’ll understand why just now), I was thrilled.  I really wanted to do something with them that I have never done and which they can do themselves to bond, and I got the opportunity.  We first met up at Kloofendal Nature Reserve and then ended up in a cul-de-sac in a suburb where we took the last photos. 

So why do I say Viki has cool kids?  Go and look at the last few photos we took.  They drew all the pictures on the road and where so willing to pose for these.  That is why they are so cool!

I ended up having so much fun with them! 


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  1. Mareli

    Awesome…loooooove die laaste pics. Dis so creative!

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