Fifty Shades of Boudoir | Logan & Darian

At long last I managed to do this post and I have been so excited to share this!  They were my Forty Ninth Shade.

I wanted to do a couple’s boudoir shoot for a very long time, but think I was scared to try it out.  So working up the courage to ask if any one would be interested, one of my other clients suggested this to the beautiful Logan and Darian and they were so keen to assist.  So after communicating with Darian only via messages I met them at the WBFF SA show at Carnival City the night before I did their shoot.  Feeling more comfortable about what I had in mind with their shoot, I was looking forward to this shoot.

When they arrived, Logan did her make-up perfectly herself, I suggested some poses and then guided them to get these to suit them as a couple.  Needless to say that I had the most amazing shoot with them and these being some of the images I am allowed to share, I think we did pretty well with capturing them as the awesome couple they are.  You could feel the love they have for each other – specially after Darian’s recent accident which drew them even closer than before.

Logan & Darian, thank you for trusting me with this shoot and being so totally awesome. I love every photo we got and cannot wait to shoot with you again!


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