When I did my first boudoir workshop I only did it for the fun of it, but never realized what it would mean to me and my clients!  Although I wanted to grow my knowledge of different photography genres, I never in a million years thought the bug will bite so hard that to my surprise it became my specialty and most favourite genre of photography.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my weddings too, but boudoir photography is just different!

The idea behind Fifty Shades of Boudoir came to mind after I had a discussion with my first two models and friends who trusted me to do a shoot for them to expand my experience and the Fifty Shades of Grey books were so popular.  Although the idea was to only do boudoirs of 50 women and post only one unique black & white photo of the shoot, it is now the brand of my boudoir photography.

With every shoot I have certain poses that work for most women and then I try to get “that” pose that just work for that specific woman in front of my lens – capturing her natural, beautiful and amazing self.  My expectation is to get a unique shot from every shoot I do…hey no pressure, I know :-D!  With the idea always in my head to get that unique shot, I am always on the search for unique and stunning women to try the unique shots on – doesn’t matter her size, personality, looks, etc.  That is how I bumped into a “girl with (lots) of tattoos” at gym with whom I could do a unique shoot.  To my absolute delight, she turned out to be super amazing and her super amazing boyfriend offered to do a promotional video for me.  So I had the honour of having Lloyd Metcalfe from LM Visual Art take a behind-the-scenes video of what I do and how I get the final product I show the world..

Make-up done by the even super amazing Ilana from Cosmetiek.