My own Moo Minicards

Posted by on 2012/09/11 in Marketing and packaging | 2 comments


One thing I love about Facebook is that it is almost like Google.  If you are looking for something you’ll find it there.  I recently saw a post on another photographer’s wall stating that you can get Moo Minicards for free if you are willing to add the Etsy site’s badge on your cards.  Etsy being the most amazing site where you can buy or sell handmade and vintage items, art and supplies.  So if Moo, who creates and customises premium business cards, minicards and postcards, is giving away free Minicards it is an opportunity you don’t let go by.  So I designed my card on their site, paid the postage fees and two weeks later I got my cards.  And I am so in love with these Minicards.

If I can say it myself…They are SO cute!! 



Yes, they are all Mine!! 


 The link to get yours from Moo is here!


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