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DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_216 (Large)

I think I say this about every wedding I do, but I seriously think I have the most awesome and beautiful brides and if they have an amazing relationship with the grooms they are marrying that day, it is even better.  Sharon was even more so and was all giggles and smiles the whole time about marrying her Andrew.  I never struggled to get her to laugh spontaneous as I just mentioned Andrew’s name and she was so excited that I almost couldn’t get her to stop smiling.

As a photographer herself Sharon gave attention to all the small details as well as made sure I had a gorgeous dress to photograph.  Although there is way more pressure to photograph another photographer’s wedding, it is easier as she knows what needs to happen for me to give her amazing images and even asked the minister to tell the guests to please put away their phones so that I don’t get the back of all the guests trying to steal a photo of the beautiful bride – it was such a blessing :-)!

We were also blessed with the most amazing light and the weather played in our favour.

Tracey Lee Stark assisted me at this wedding and we had a ball driving all the way to Riverside Sun in Vanderbijl Park.

Sharon and Andrew is emigrating to Scotland soon and I wish them well on this new chapter in their beautiful lives together.  You were truly amazing!

I’ll tell their story as the photos are posted below.  Enjoy their love story with me!


DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_005 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_007 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_010 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_011 (Large)

You can see Andrew is a chef by looking at the table setup.  We had the most amazing 5 course dinner, although I must admit that I did not eat everything.

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_015 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_022 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_031 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_032 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_033 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_054 (Large)

Sharon being all giggles!  I love it!

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_060 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_062 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_065 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_067 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_073 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_078 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_080 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_086 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_090 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_094 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_098 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_099 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_116 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_119 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_134 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_138 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_141 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_143 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_153 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_155 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_167 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_171 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_175 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_212 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_213 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_221 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_222 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_226 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_233 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_240 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_242 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_248 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_251 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_252 (Large)

They are just so amazing together!!

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_256 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_257 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_261 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_262 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_269 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_272 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_278 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_285 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_287 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_303 (Large) DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_324 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_325 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_332 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_337 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_341 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_345 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_347 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_350 (Large)

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_356 (Large)

I had some competition…a potential pro – in a few years time though 🙂

DeAnna_Sharon_and_Andrew_363 (Large)


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