Nyasha and Phillip | Zimbabwe Wedding Part II

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This is the second part of the awesome wedding I assisted Jeanette Verster with in September in Zimbabwe at Bushman Rock.  This wedding just rocked!  Enjoy Part II of this with me. 

You can see Part I here.







  Nyasha is so beautiful!

A bit of fun with the boys again..




















 I love the spontaneous fun between them!



 Phillip and the groomsmen each had his own initials embroidered on their one cuff…I like this!















 An emotional moment between two sisters!



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Nyasha and Phillip | Zimbabwe Wedding Part I

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Nyasha and Phillip’s wedding is one of the most awesome weddings I ever assisted with and I am so grateful towards Jeanette Verster for taking me along to Zimbabwe to photograph their wedding at the beautiful Bushman Rock.  Not only was it my first time crossing the border of South Africa getting a stamp in my brand new passport and shooting with Jeanette, but I had so many “this is the first time ever for me” experiences as I mentioned in this post.

Everything about this wedding was just super awesome.  From the venue, the decor, the guests and the food, as well as Nyasha and Phillip being the dream couple to photograph.  They were very easy to work with and their love for each was so awesome to capture on camera.  They treated us like family and it was one of my best experiences ever and I have special memories.

Enjoy the first part of this wedding with me and if I could post the whole wedding in one post I would, but have to divide in two to make loading easier and it helps that you get some of this love twice.


I love this font!  Just love it!























 Oooh, loved the socks!

 These guys really were so much fun!











 I loved the way the “try and fit” the wedding ring on each finger and saying a prayer!

 He found the finger where the rings fits…:-)








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First visit to Zimbabwe

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 End of August I was in a very priviledged position to accompany Jeanette Verster to Zimbabwe for a wedding on the Saturday.  After flying out on the Friday afternoon, very nervous and anxious about this big step in my life, (it was the very first time ever that I crossed the border of South Africa to go to another country) we landed safely in Zim.  I was so proud of the first stamps in my brand new, first time ever, passport.  Believe me when I say there were so many “very-first-time-evers” that I won’t forget this trip (ever).

(You are not allowed to tell that the following two photos were taken with my “mik en druk” on our way from the airport to the venue..)




 When we arrived at the venue, Bushman Rock, I was pleasantly surprised with this beautiful farm which is the only vineyard in Zim.  From beautiful chalets, to awesome food, to friendly people and gorgeous landscapes.  I felt at home and think there is where all the nerves and anxiousness disappeared.  Jeanette and I walked around to seek for beautiful spots to shoot at.  We walked a lot that weekend – I was very stiff when I got home on Sunday…:-)

Walking around I got beautiful photos of the venue and here are a few. 






 Thank you so much Jeanette for taking me along on a journey that is part of so many treasured memories I have.  Not only did I laugh so much, I made a great new friend!


 PS: Keep a look out for the beautiful wedding I am going to post soon!

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