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 This was just one of those weddings where everything was just awesome!  From Bianca with her stunning short hair, which by the way she cut the day before the wedding and Michael didn’t know, to Michael being so much fun during the groom photos, to the decor and food and the couple shoot!

I assisted the awesome Kat at Avianto, which is always such a big pleasure!

Enjoy these with me as again I couldn’t choose and just had to post a lot of photos!



I like these cake toppers! They are so sweet!








I loved her dress…just couldn’t get enough of it…












Isn’t she just stunning?





















I loved the light in the following two images…



















  1. 2011/12/07

    so stellar

  2. 2011/12/07

    Gorgeous pics J!!!!! xx

  3. 2011/12/07

    Stunning, Stunning….!!!!

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