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DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_400 (Large)


This is just one wedding where I cannot only post a selected few photos, because how do I choose out of so many amazing photos?  So I decided to share a lot with you!

Nicholis contacted me and after telling me that he was a photographer himself, I was very honoured, but damn nervous as the stakes are so much higher.  I met up with them and immediately fell in love with Andrea’s red hair and freckles.  I even made her promise me that she won’t colour her hair or cover all her freckles with make-up for the wedding…and she didn’t.  I always wanted a bride with her looks and she did not disappoint at all.  I loved taking photos of her and it shows in the photos.

To say I loved everything about this wedding is almost an understatement.  From the beautiful guest house ( where Andrea got dressed, to the venue, the décor, the cake, the food, the bride, groom and their bridal party, to Nicholis’ adorable little boy! 

I had to drive to Clarens for the wedding, but loving the country side so much after growing up in a farm and mining town, I enjoyed every second of driving there.  I was hosted at the Courtyard Café, they have the most delicious brown bread ever and needless to say that I bought some to take home.   Andrea got dressed at Claridge House and the wedding took place at The Gourmet Shed – an amazing venue in beautiful setting just outside Clarens.

Thank you so much Andrea and Nicholis for trusting me with your amazing stunning special day!  I enjoyed this so much!


DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_002 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_012 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_018 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_024 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_026 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_031 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_036 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_039 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_042 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_044 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_047 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_049 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_052 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_058 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_065 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_067 (Large)

fThis was the background we worked with…amazingly beautiful!


DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_070 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_081 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_086 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_094 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_099 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_111 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_120 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_127 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_130 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_144 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_149 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_150 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_151 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_154 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_155 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_161 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_167 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_176 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_219 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_229 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_236 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_238 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_242 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_244 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_246 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_272 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_273 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_278 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_280 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_284 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_285 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_289 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_293 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_296 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_298 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_300 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_303 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_316 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_318 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_320 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_327 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_330 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_334 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_340 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_347 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_350 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_353 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_356 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_373 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_375 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_380 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_385 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_388 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_390 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_396 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_411 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_419 (Large) DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_430 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_432 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_436 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_448 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_449 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_424 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_425 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_454 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_458 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_459 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_467 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_469 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_474 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_476 (Large)

DeAnna_Andrea_and_Nicholis_490 (Large)






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