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DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0001 (Large)


Mikayla is such a sweet little girl and I fell in love with her the day I met her – that was when she was only 5 days old.  Mommy Lee works with me and I was so happy when she asked me too to take Mikayla’s photos.  I think Mikayla liked me too as she made me go back another time to get more photos of her – thus making me work for the photos as she didn’t want to sleep when I was there the first time around, but I am not complaining as I love to spend time with her, mommy and daddy. 

On the photos I took the second time she who gave me the sweetest faces.  See for yourself…


 DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0027 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0026 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0025 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0024 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0023 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0022 (Large)

 Even the cat loves spending time with Mikayla!

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0021 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0020 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0019 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0018 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0017 (Large)

 And here are the beautiful faces of Mikayla..

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0016 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0015 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0014 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0013 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0012 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0011 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0010 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0009 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0008 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0007 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0006 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0005 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0004 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0003 (Large)

DeAnna_Mikayla_newborn_0002 (Large)




  1. 2013/06/21

    Wow!!! That is really stunning photos!!!

  2. 2013/06/21

    Stunning! These are real angel photos…

  3. 2013/06/21

    WOW, dis is pragtig, wat ‘n pragtige kleine mensie!

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