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DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_016 (Large)

Jemma’s mom, Mareli, works with me and I was so excited when she asked me to do Jemma’s newborn shoot.  As with the previous newborn shoot, I am still no baby photographer, but think we really got amazing photos of her when she fell asleep.  The pouty mouth in most of her photos is so adorable.

 I did Jemma’s shoot in the week before my birthday and I was prompted by my fiancé to open my birthday present before I go to the Benn’s house for the shoot.  To my absolute surprise and super excitement I got the baby scale in the first photo!  I just love vintage things and this was one of the best presents I ever received.  I think we used it well and it made for beautiful photos. 


 DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_001 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_007 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_010 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_013 (Large)


 DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_014 (Large)


 DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_020 (Large)


 DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_026 (Large)


 DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_029 (Large)


 DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_031 (Large)


 DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_035 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_039 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_044 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_046 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_050 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_051 (Large)


DeAnna_Jemma_newborn_057 (Large)





  1. 2013/04/23

    Hierdie foto’s is amazing en te oulik vir woorde. Jy raak elke keer net beter.

  2. 2013/04/23

    Beautiful! Thanks for capturing our little one so perfectly.

  3. 2013/04/26

    AAAAH, dis soooo Beautiful! So kostelik!! BAIE PRAGTIG!!!

  4. 2013/05/08

    Dit is sooo pragtig….

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