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 I just love this photo of Eve, Shaun and some Labrador that was walking with his owner at Delta Park!  Eve’s reaction was so spontaneous and I am so happy that I could capture it!  This photo also tells you who they are and what they love – spontaneity, nature, animals and each other!

They are so comfortable with one another and did whatever I wanted them to do to get awesome photos!  They are so natural and easy to photograph and seriously can’t wait for their wedding!  I am blessed to have an amazing couple like them as one of my couples I am fortunate to photograph!

Enjoy these amazing photos with me!
















 Isn’t Eve just beautiful?  Can’t wait to do her bridal portraits next week!

 Love these trees!

 I have an indescribable love for dandelions and was so excited when I saw there were these huge ones in the veld!












I love this light!  So gorgeous!


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  1. 2012/11/28

    Juanette you are such a star! I really love these photos. They look completely natural and really capture the love that Shaun and I share. You were so much fun to shoot with and also recognised the type of people that we are, and managed to capture that. I’m extremely excited for our big day and to have you as our photographer. I just can’t wait to have beautiful photos that we can look back on when we’re old and hopefully, even though we’ll be older, wrinklier and probably a lot uglier we’ll still share the same love, history and sense of completeness as we do now. Thank you for sharing this special time with us.

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