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DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_007 (Large)

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” ~ Shakespeare

I think Shakespeare wrote this specially for women like Véronique!  Not only for how she trains, her commitment and hard work, but we did her shoot on almost the coldest day in June and it was freezing!  She never complained, although she had goosebumps the whole time and froze her pretty booty off, and totally rocked her shoot. 

Being one of those rare beauties with a golden heart, she made shooting in the cold so worth it.

Her make-up was done by her amazing friend, Logan, who is also my Shade Fourty Nine.


DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_002 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_013 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_015 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_017 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_018 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_020 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_021 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_022 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_023 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_024 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_025 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_028 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_032 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_034 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_036 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_037 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_038 (Large)

DeAnna_Veronique_Fitness_040 (Large)


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