New packaging leads to the idea of new Business

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I am so proud and super excited to share with you my new packaging.  It is so bad that I think I am in love with it.  Even just the idea of it being handmade and stamped with a stamp carved out by hand by someone who works on the streets of Joburg CBD – which two of my work colleagues found in their wonders around town during their lunch time – makes me smile all the time.  I wanted a specific size and although this guy promised he would give it to me in the perfect way I wanted it, he never mentioned that the machine can’t produce that size stamp.  But when I got it I was stunned by the craftsmanship and quality of the hand carved stamp.  See the result on the last images!

To make my own handmade packaging was born out of the frustration with what was available in the market for photographers and myself being so into the vintage feeling, I just couldn’t find anything that made me happy or gave me that warm cuddly snoozing feeling.  So I did some homework and found this idea on the Internet (and so many more), bought material (just love Chamdor at Decopark in Fourways *swoon*), measured, cut, pinned, sewed and played with ink and paint stamping my logo onto the packaging and was so stoked with what I saw.  Although this is a cover for a single disc with the edited images for the client, I have already made covers for double and more discs and the clients were so impressed, surprised and happy about it.  My first package also went to a bridal couple in the UK!!

So out of my desperation for new packaging, the lack of inspirational variety in the industry, and the passing of my beloved friend Jana who motivated me to be just happy in what I am doing, my fiancé, Jacques, and I decided to start a business together which will just make us happy.  Which will bring us joy when delivering a product to friends in the photography industry and eventually other events, like weddings, corporate events, etc. too.  Then Unexpected Grace was born! 

The focus of the business will be on handmade material packaging, whether it needs to be stamped by hand, folding material flowers, sewing felt details to make a logo, customized to suit the individual client’s needs, setup of stamp if not in stock already and even be challenged to create packaging that we have not made before.  We are still busy creating a range of products that gives the client an idea of what we offer, as well as the website to promote and market the business.  Till then we do take in orders.  The best part of it, which will be a relief for most photographers, is that as we decided to start off with a minimum order of 25 items per order and not 50 or 100 as per usual orders.  This leaves open a window for variety and change just because sometimes we do get tired of the packaging we use.  For more details, phone me on (076)*4223977*.

So stay close by, because more details will follow soon…:-)










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My own Moo Minicards

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One thing I love about Facebook is that it is almost like Google.  If you are looking for something you’ll find it there.  I recently saw a post on another photographer’s wall stating that you can get Moo Minicards for free if you are willing to add the Etsy site’s badge on your cards.  Etsy being the most amazing site where you can buy or sell handmade and vintage items, art and supplies.  So if Moo, who creates and customises premium business cards, minicards and postcards, is giving away free Minicards it is an opportunity you don’t let go by.  So I designed my card on their site, paid the postage fees and two weeks later I got my cards.  And I am so in love with these Minicards.

If I can say it myself…They are SO cute!! 



Yes, they are all Mine!! 


 The link to get yours from Moo is here!


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Big Changes | New logo and Packaging

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THIS IS MY NEW LOGO!!! *happy dance* *big smiles*

I was privileged to have the awesome Susan Brand design my new logo, business cards, letterhead and signature!  She was so patient when I sent her all my ideas, when I changed my mind over and over and eventually ended up sending her more ideas, but she sent me this logo, which made me do a happy dance!  It is SO me and what I love…classic vintage things!

Welcome to the start of big changes at DeAnna Photography – Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer.

These changes include a new price list, which will make every potential client smile.  I am also changing my packaging and  I am super excited about all the changes!  I’ll share all of these as soon as I have received it as I believe the packaging in which you deliver your clients’ final product is what is important building block to create excellent customers satisfaction.

Stay tuned for more competitions, beautiful images and stories about life, love and happy endings!


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