Fifty Shades of Dudeoir | Male Fitness ‘Boudoir’ Shoot

Posted by on 2019/04/30 in 50 Shades of Boudoir, Boudoir, Dudeoir, Fitness | 0 comments

I wanted to shoot a male fitness model in a different kind of way. To still compliment his muscles and hard work, but to show the male sexy side to what they work so hard for, and without using artificial lights (off camera flash) and a black background.
Overseas they call it ‘dudeoir’ and I have seen a few very unpleasant looking guys posing for these kind of shoots, but it was just too much of a ‘I just have to do this’ for me to not make the best of it. So who else than Don to shoot with me.
Ladies, he has made it worth the try, hasn’t he?
You’re welcome!

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