Fifty Shades of Boudoir | Boudoir studio

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DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_001 (Large)


On Saturday I launched my new Boudoir Studio and I’m ecstatic about this as I have been booking rooms at hotels for far too long and that at exorbitant prices.  Then, when you arrived at the hotel they gave you a room which did not at all look like the one you saw on their website or it had other irritation which influenced the outcome of your work. This also had an impact on my prices and eventually what clients had to pay for Boudoir shoots and to get an opportunity to look gorgeous for probably one day in their lives.

I have been dreaming about converting the flatlet on my property into a studio as it would be perfect to have a room setup as well as a dressing area and bathroom – will still post photos of the latter two.  I think I abused Pinterest for ideas and eventually decided on a white, gray and mint/avo green room.  It helped that Mr Price Home had a range in the white, gray and green that I was thinking about and so the planning started.

I didn’t want to use the normal base of the bed I had and needed to get a new bed.  I loved so many of the pallet beds I saw on Pinterest and asked my friend, Bethwell, if he knew anyone who can make me the bed.  I organized all the materials and they eventually ended up making the bed in two days in my garage.  And as you can see it looks absolutely amazing.  Feel free to ask me for his number if you want any wooden products to be made.  I only showed him the pictures and he made it from there.

We started painting the walls and I bought all the details and décor.  I did most of the décor myself and absolutely just love how it turned out.

The ottoman was ordered from Osman from Barena Upholstery – Auto trimming and Furniture sales.  They are situated at 628 Ontdekkers road, Delaray.   His work is really amazing and service very professional.

I already had two shoots in the studio over the weekend and celebrated it with special people – from my amazing domestic worker, Grace, for all the cleaning and love, the make-up artist, Kirsten from Kirled Lash, to the clients as well as my special friends, Phillip and Elisna, who helped with the setting up and finishes.  I love you all so dearly!

Enjoy this new adventure with me as my dream has become reality and I wish to make many a women look stunningly beautiful in this special place of mine.  My wish for my client is to realize how beautiful she is and the world is so blessed to have her as a mother, girl friend, daughter, sister or whatever role she needs to fill. That there is beauty in her and the world needs more of that and what she has to offer.

And feel free to book your shoot with me, Contact Me, for an amazing experience and absolutely beautiful photos.


PS:  My beautiful petite gray cat in some of the photos is not part of the décor, she was just too nosey and she fits the colour scheme :-D.

PPS: The studio is also available to be rented out to other photographer and terms and conditions apply.

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_002 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_006 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_007 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_003 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_011 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_004 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_005 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_008 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_012 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_013 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_009 (Large)

DeAnna_Boudoir_Studio_010 (Large)



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Marlise Boudoir | Een van die stunningste Boudoirs

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 Ek dink Marlise is een van die mooiste mense wat ek al afgeneem het, maar juis omdat dit van binne afkom.  Sy is nie net gemaklik met wie sy is nie, maar sy is ook baie gemaklik voor die kamera.  Sy is ‘n model duisend en enige fotograaf se droom.  Daarom dink ek ek is in ‘n baie bevoorregte posisie om, buiten vir troues, boudoir shoots ook te kan doen en dit bowenal nog te geniet!  Dis mensies soos Marlise wat dit so lekker maak. 

Mag julle, al is dit net ‘n klein ietsie, optel van die mooi mens wat sy is, want dan sal julle verstaan hoekom hierdie een van die mooiste en lekkerste shoots tot nou was.  En ja, ek se elke keer elke shoot is die mooiste en die lekkerste, maar dit is dalk omdat ek saam met elke shoot as fotograaf en mens groei.  Daarom sal ek ‘n spesiale plekkie in my hart he vir elke shoot wat ek doen!

Geniet hierdie een saam met my!












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Petra Boudoir | A stunning Boudoir session

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Petra is the kind of woman that made me fall in love with boudoir photography more and more every time I edited an image of her.  She is gorgeous, stunning, confident and such a pleasure to photograph.  She makes you believe that anything is possible.  She even made me believe that I can take beautiful photos..:-P

Please leave some love if you also love this shoot as much as I do!


































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Colette Boudoir | Boudoir | Boudoir shoot

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 Hierdie was een van my gunsteling Boudoir sessies, want dis amper asof hierdie styl van fotografie vir my ‘n manier gee om op ‘n ander manier kreatief en kunstig te wees. Ek speel meer met lig en lyne (kurwes :-)). Net soos hierdie foto’s van Colette wys.












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Dione Boudoir | Boudoir shoot

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 Buiten vir al die troues wat ek tot nou afgeneem het en wat ek steeds as my gunsteling genre beskou, moet ek se ek geniet die Boudoir sessies vrek baie!  Ek weet nie of dit is omdat daar soveel mooi in elke vrou is wat ek mag vasvang en dat hulle, ten spyte van die al die issues wat ons as vrouens maar met onsself het, met soveel selfvertroue en daardie spesiale gevoel van selfwaardigheid uit die studio uitstap nie, en of dit is omdat dit ‘n tipe fotografiestyl is wat ons nie sommer elke dag vir onsself of vir manlief laat neem nie.  Dit laat mens soet-stout, opgewonde en sexy voel…

Dione is stunning en ek het dit so geniet om haar so spesiaal te laat voel. 










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Marethe Grobler Boudoir Workshop

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Sjoe, ek weet nie waar om te begin nie. 

Dalk by my opgewondenheid?

By die feit dat dit die eerste keer is wat ek boudoir fotografie aandurf? 

Dat ek die grootste deel van die tyd my bewonder het aan die model se natuurlike skoonheid?  (En glo my sy is net so mooi van binne ook).

Dat ek die voorreg gehad het om die werkswinkel saam met drie ander baie oulike fotograwe kon bywoon?

Of is dit omdat ek elke oomblik van hierdie dag en werkswinkel, wat awesome, baie behulpsame en ongelooflik goeie “juffrou” Marethe aangebied het, geniet het? 

Of dalk die model se stunning grimering wat deur Maureen, Marethe se lieflike suster, gedoen is? 

Ek dink julle kan maar vir julself besluit!







 Ek love hierdie een! Sy is nou maar net een mal ‘n mooi vrou!



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