Rochelle and Adrian Wedding | Griffin’s Estate

This was one of those weddings which I enjoyed so much assisting Kat with that we didn’t want to go home afterwards.  And I fell in love with the venue, Griffin’s Estate.  This is so me and I just loved shooting here.

Rochelle, an American, and Adrian, a South African, met in the USA. She was going to work in England, he joined the army there without realising she was there too.  They met up again after a few months and they just knew there was potential for a relationship.  So here they are now, on this day, promising to love each other forever!  This was their second wedding as they had one for her family in America and now one for his family here in Johannesburg.

It is a beautiful fairytale, which made me wipe away tears a few times! Rochelle just her gorgeous self and Adrian handsome in his ‘army blues’ – a match made in heaven!

Enjoy these stunning images with me!


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  1. Rozette

    These are stunning Juanette! I love the different shots with the rings! Beautiful

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