Weez Rapster | Bearded Fitness portfolio

Now this is one shoot I am extremely excited to share!  I gave away a bearded fitness shoot and couldn’t have asked for a better person to have done this with than the amazing Wessel Swart, aka Weez Rapster – whom I didn’t know was a rapper and movie star until after the shoot *blush*.  A few of the reasons why this is such a special shoot for me:

  1. If I give away a shoot and the client really goes out of his/her way to prep for the shoot I know he/she is the right person to have chosen and do this shoot for.  And he did!  He brought his own ideas and with the help of his beautiful wife, Chantelle, we got some serious amazing shots. 
  2. He was patient and so much fun to work with.  He made the posing ideas his own and we got to capture Weez as who he really is.
  3. Ladies, I got some sexy photos for you as my website mostly caters for the guys when it comes to my boudoir photography.
  4. Did I mention he has an amazingly beautiful wife who was a princess for Mrs SA a few years ago? 🙂
  5. I love working with people who has heart…heart for what they do, heart for others and heart live!
  6. He got a few cool sponsors for the shoot and we want to thank The Captain’s Beard for the t-shirts! They worked well with our shoot and bearded theme.
  7. Weez has been promoting me with all his posts and I cannot thank him enough for always giving back. 
  8. I love tattoos. I love capturing them and portraying it as a love of mine.  Specially when they have lots of meaning to the person I am shooting.
  9. I love graffiti as well and it shows, doesn’t it?
  10. Oh, and for someone who is an actor and rapper he has his feet firmly on the ground!

Weez, thank you for being who you are and for absolutely rocking this shoot!  I loved working with you and will do so anytime.  Chantelle was a big blessing at this shoot and I loved spending time with both of you!

Enjoy this shoot as much as I did taking it!


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