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I have met amazing fitness athletes by now and although I have worked with only a few I am happy to say that I have worked with some of the most amazing, down to earth and big hearted athletes – even when they’re in last the week of prepping for competitions.  They say your client’s choose you, but I hope that I draw them as well.  So Sibusiso Kotelo is no different.  When I asked him to shoot with me, he didn’t quite realise what is going to hit him, but I wanted to capture him as a person and not necessarily what he does. Although we can’t argue that he looks extremely good.  I saw another photograph of him smiling during a photoshoot and knew that is what I wanted from his shoot.  I know this sounds funny, but even discussing it with him he admitted that most of his shoots he needs to look hardcore, which he is though.  I needed something different from him, as with most of my shoots, and looking at the images I think I got it.  Just don’t let the muscles and size fool you, Sibusiso has a heart of gold and is an gentle giant. He made every minute worth it and we had loads of fun.

We shot at the Pine trees in Bryanston and as always it never seize to impress.

Thank you for all the help I had making the powder paint through possible!


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