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I think it is time that I update my website with all my fitness shoots as I have done so many, but haven’t loaded any recently.  This shoot was one of my first fitness shoots I have done and as always I tried something different.

I chose this location, St. Johns, after I covered a wedding here and got the most amazing photos.  Thank you to St. John’s for allowing us to shoot here. Your school is really beautiful.

Monique is such an amazing woman and not only was this the start to an awesome friendship, I really get so motivated and inspired by whom she is and what she does, specially her training.  She never hesitates to compliment or help other women. Not only is she beautiful from the outside, her beauty is undeniable from deep inside.  But she is definitely not only about body and looks (which she doesn’t even realise she has lots of).   She is a qualified personal trainer, motivator and inspirational fitness icon, and have recently launched her first fat loss challenge of which I am gladly a sponsor, together with the help of Cipla Nutrition and other amazing sponsors.  Hop on over to her Instagram account to check out her challenge and give her a follow on 

Her make-up was done by the amazing Ilana from Cosmetiek and without a fail it was perfect again.

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