Monique | Fitness portfolio

I have been in the privileged position to have done two shoots by now with this amazing young lady and will do so any day.  She loves with all her heart and that is exactly the type of clients I want.  That is what she brought this day as well, but honestly, I just think my camera is in love with her.  It definitely picks up her beauty from the inside out.

We discussed the shoot, but didn’t really add any themes to it.  She brought a lot of clothing items we might try, specially her sponsored gear, and I think we captured it quite well.  I am very pleased with this shoot… Why?  Because it ended up being exactly what Monique needed for her second challenge and we didn’t even know when we shot this that it will be perfect for her new guides and I learnt a lot more about studio lighting and posing in a studio.

Enjoy these new images of her and if you want to see the previous shoot I did for her on location, you can view it here.


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