Megan and Warren Engagement | Delta Park

 I have been one spoilt brat when it came to totally awesome shoots the last 6+ months! It has carried me through tough times, made me cry happy tears, do happy dances when I got “that” shot and made me believe in love..pure and true love.  Megan and Warren’s shoot was no different.  They are so in love with each other and never hesitated to let themselves glow with that love.  They were easy to work with which always make my job so much easier, but when I walked away satisfyingly happy and actually believing in true love, I knew this was one amazing shoot.

Megan is from America and met Warren, who is a South African, when they were both working in Malawi (if I can remember correctly..).  The tough part is that he was transferred to Tanzania and they have been living apart for a while by the time I met them, but think that in this case distance truly made the heart grow fonder.  These two are getting married in August and if Megan made amazingly beautiful photos now, I can just imagine how so would look on their wedding day.  Warren is one lucky man!

Enjoy the gorgeous light and cosmos flowers we had at Delta Park.


PS:  Since this shoot Megan has moved to Tanzania and is not back with the love of her life. 

PPS:  Megan and Warren, thanks for trusting me with capturing your love for one another on “film” and I wish you all the best for your special day and your amazing “happily ever after“! 

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