Fifty Shades of Boudoir | Petra’s Aviation Boudoir

As promised here is the full Fiftieth Shade post in my Fifty Shades of Boudoir series!! I expected to have a great photoshoot with Petra, but this have exceeded all my expectations.

This is such a huge milestone for me and I am beyond excited to share this with you! Although this is the 50th Shade, I have done almost near a 100 boudoir shoots.  I started my photography career wanted to only shoot weddings, but after I did my boudoir workshop in the beginning of 2012 I fell in love with this genre and since 2014 I have focused all my energy into these kind of shoots as well as fitness shoots – trying my best to bring in a variety of themes into my shoots.  These shoots have become my heart and soul of whom I am and what I try to offer my clients – and I have been blessed with the most amazing clients till date.

Petra’s make-up was done by the always brilliant Ilana from Cosmetiek and she nailed the look to the dot.  I think those red lips together with her model experience made it so easy for me to get these amazing photos.

We did the shoot at the Rand Air Museum and we’re ever grateful for their effort to make this one of the most unforgettable shoots I have ever done.

PS:  her model portfolio here and her very first boudoir shoot here.


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