Fifty Shades of Boudoir | Petra

Petra is the kind of woman that made me fall in love with boudoir photography more and more every time I edited an image of her.  She is gorgeous, stunning, confident and such a pleasure to photograph.  She makes you believe that anything is possible.  She even made me believe that I can take beautiful photos..:-P

Please leave some love if you also love this shoot as much as I do!


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  1. Leigh cooper

    Absolutely STUNNING shoot!! Your subject oozes sexyness. Well done!!!

  2. Elsie Schoeman

    Petra, you are SOOOOOO beautiful, my friend! And the photography – ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Juanette, you have no reason to doubt your abilities!! This is a gorgeous shoot and Petra looks so relaxed in front of the lens, which says enough about your skills as photographer – well done, I saw her SARIE competition entry photos / shoot as well, they’re just as stunning, which is expected from such a beautiful woman.

  4. Elna

    Dit is stunning fotos vriendin. Baie sexy nê.

    Juanette – Jy neem baie mooi fotos. Jy moet glad nie twyfel in wat jy doen nie.

  5. carolyn Noortman

    Absoluut stunning!

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